Saturday, February 17, 2007

A sign of the times

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Bowater (or Meade or somebody like them) is selling or has sold a large (250 acres) tract of timber a few miles away from me. It is sandwiched between 4 or five poultry farms, one dairy and a couple of beef operations. The folks who own the dairy are right beside this property, which is being sectioned up into 2 and three acre chunks to sell at auction. They put up this sign in hopes of heading off some future problems...

I believe that people have a right to buy property and live anywhere they choose, but these days it seems more and more people want to move out to the "country" and then bring the "city" with them. I've seen it happen several times in the last few years. Urbanites move out to the "sticks" and immediately start complaining about the noise, the smells, tractors on the roads and cows in their flowerbeds (the last in a little tongue in cheek, but such things have happened around here).

I don't know whether their sign will help any, but I hope it does.