Sunday, June 14, 2009

Allllllllmost have the 3600 back together... need to bolt the radiator down, plug the wiring harness back in ( that is the result of another moron moment I had last fall which I will save for another time) and stick the nose back on.

In the lawnmower world, I have parts and pieces of FIVE pushmowers scattered around the barn and can't get any of the three (theoretically) "running" ones to crank... on the other hand, I have all of the weedwhackers working now.

Bigger brother slung a rod in his little Terramite backhoe and charged me with the task of finding him another motor.... and boy did I ever. His only stipulations were that it be a "big" horizontal shaft engine. One of the neighbors has an ancient garden tractor with an huge single cylinder briggs on it that I think dates back to the sixties... the problem is, its so blasted huge, he doesn't think it will fit on the frame! There will be pictures to follow of this monstrosity...