Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ok, this

is actually the view from my window.

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Not a great picture, but considering it was cloudy today and I was actually shooting through inch thick glass, it ain't bad.

The relic show is this weekend. They are a couple of weeks early this year, not sure why. I hope to have some good gun porn to post this weekend.

In other news, I have some DR tales, but they're going to have to wait just a leetle while.

I've been tied up helping my neighbor burn a humungous brushpile. We've been running the crap out of the Case. Hells bells, my neighbors have got more use out of it that I have so far. I need to bring it home and do some work over on the back side this winter whilst I can kinda see what I'm doing. We keep kicking around the idea of rebuilding the motor on the Cat before it has trees growing up through it, but to be honest, I don't have the freaking time. If scrap metal stays high I may junk the damn thing.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The view outside my window

sort of...

This is a frontal view. I'm actually over to the right on the second floor where I can look out over uncle Joe's bald head all day.

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This is only known statue that was ever done of Gen'l Johnston (somehow I'm willing to bet it's one more than Braxton Bragg has tho'...).

Roadside Georgia has a nice little article about Gen'l Johnston and his bronze likeness here.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

It has been requested

that I get off my ass and starting writing again. So since I have a little free time at the moment I will try to do so.

Things have calmed down a bit at work, we've went from constant insane/chaotic frenzy to a steady pace... at least for the next couple of days anyway. The past couple of weekends have been the first time in months that I haven't had to go into the office. I took the time today to do a little fence repair.

One of the four-legged wrecking machines had broken a gate post near the hay barn and sweetie asked me to fix it and do a few other minor repairs on the board fence. Not a big deal except for the gatepost. For some reason that I don't recall, I had poured concrete around it. I don'tnormally do that anymore as I have learned it can cause the post to rot at ground level. Needless to say, that was the case with this particular post, so I spent about an hour with a
sledge hammer and a big cold chisel busting concrete. Didn't make much headway until I took a break to put out some hay and had the great brainstorm to use the loader forks to pop the concrete (and the bottom of the post embedded in it) out of the ground. Worked like a charm. If I were as smart as I wish to be, I'd have thought of that to begin with.

I don't have any good DR stories because I haven't seen him in three weeks. I should probably go by and check on him, but I have been busy doing honey-do projects.